Friday, January 9, 2009

Fearful of making it big...

I know I experience this every now and then. At times, I feel I can handle the world and embrace stardom with my jewelry. Other times, I'm afraid to say... I'm scared at what if really make it big? I'm sure we all feel this at one time or another.

My friend, Dawn Boyer of Dawn Boyer Jewelry, just got published online with an article that talks about this. Check it out:

For me, Dawn's article brings up a conflict I'm personally having - how do we continue to create intricate jewelry with high quality stones in today's tough economic state? It's a challenge that all of us jewelry designers are faced with especially as we move forward with 2009. I just pray that we'll survive the downward slide of the economy. I know that for me, a few of my loyal boutique stores that have sold my jewelry have decided to close their doors. It just breaks my heart. It also impacts my business as I would now have to re-evaluate my business strategies in order to survive. At this point, I refuse to compromise on my intriguity of using lower quality materials and gemstones to cut cost. I just can't do it. So, what is my solution?

There's no easy answer but it's definitely something we all need to think about!

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Lissa said...

That's so sad so many stores are closing these days.Maybe if you make it big, you can hire someone to to all the business stuff. Definitly don't compromise your love of fine gems! Who would I have to do to all the gem shows with then??!!!